The art of scents….beauty from the nature


       artiscent is inspired by the realization of beneficial natural organics and consumer’s well-being in mind combining with ancient wisdom of Asian using traditional beauty recipes that have been handed down through generations. All of production procedures are accomplished with care.

We carefully selected the quality of raw materials from their original sources around the world by contract farming so the quality of raw materials can be controlled since growing, harvesting and extracting processes as in the old day’s method to preserve natural nutrients and quality of ingredients.

Organic virgin sesame oil and rice bran oil are used as the main ingredients for making our range of products. Using only the finest cold-pressed oils to retain higher quality, yielding lesser quantities with the richness of Vitamin E content. The specially blend of pure, natural extracts with beneficial herbs and natural plants are combined to create exclusively beauty products for hair and skin care under the brand name artiscentTM.

Absolutely, the quality, natural ingredients have been selected to combine with the production processes which use the age-old traditional beauty recipes and the modern beauty innovation, creating beautiful aromas of nature’s wonders which are free from synthetic fragrances.

The simple design of packaging represented the nature and its simplicity. We focus on the maintaining quality of ingredients and overall quality of products rather than fancy packaging.

Our intention is to supply the Thai consumers with the quality product that is manufactured in Thailand under the Thai management and production team. We had been manufacturing quality products for over 10 years. Our products have been accepted by customers in Thailand, Europe, USA, UK, Germany, France, UAE, OMAN and many countries.

The products are made from natural organic ingredients and chemical free by the manufacturing plant and facilities that has GMP standard.

artiscentTM is the cosmetics from nature, retaining its values, art of scents, beauty from the nature of all time.


artiscentTM products are suitable for you… people of all ages…all genders…mother & child and everyone.


SLS Free

Parabens Free

Paraffin Free

Petrolatum Free


Thank you for supporting the organic products with natural extracts and environmental-friendly.